European Poker

The PokerStars European Poker Tour (EPT) has always attracted huge crowds of players to drop in idyllic locations and battle it out in the direction of a cut in prize pots. However, this year the tournament EPT Barcelona 2012 has seen a record to the polls.

The â, ¬ 5,000 buy-in main player event host for 1082 participants. One day the party had an impressive 403 competitors taking part, however, was the Day 1b blew expectations out of the water with a whopping 670 players willing to participate. This result has been massive player in the event at the Casino de Barcelona making a name for himself as the biggest tournament to be held in the country of Spain.  

Only 370 of these players qualified through the events of the second day. The chip leaders who came through included Bachar guy did in the second with a chip count of 193,100. Chico managed to jump into second place thanks to the game last level of the day's events. He managed to eliminate the Team PokerStars Pro Sandra Naujoks to reach the first position. However, the victory was decided by a high card, as the community cards provide little help to either player. Ace-Eight Bachars hand Naujoks just beat Ace-Six. 

The third place was taken by Samir Haded that had accumulated 169,200 chips, and Hila Dan reached a respectable third place and had earned 168,400 chips all day. However, Joentausta Aku was far ahead, setting the highest point of the classification. Its 236,200 put him in a strong position throughout the main event. 

The Team PokerStars Pro also came into force, with 20 representatives of the company participating in the event. They were a force to be reckoned and put in an impressive performance.  

As the tournament continued, players need to fight for three days before they managed to reach the final table, which was headed by IIari Sahamies. There was no holding back and it would only take 11 hands before John Juanda would fall into a tie fortunate river Samuel Rodriguez, who shocked the crowd. Pobal Mikalai was however, would take the chip lead IIari in a head to head battle. The battle did not last long however, because with only one pair of hands played IIari 3 bet with a poor 9-5 of spades face just € ™ s Mikalaiâ aces. A mistake of fact Mikalai a favorite IIari massive failure and eventually trip aces to win the tournament in style.